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The World's Most Innovative Pizza Peel!

Man in Small Upstate New York Town Invents Amazing Baking Accessory!

Back in 1998, Gary Casper became frustrated trying to master the skill of getting pizzas and breads to slide off of wooden peels and onto a baking stone in his oven.

If you have ever tried it, you know it can result in some very unusual end products. Sometimes you put a lot of cornmeal on the peel and in the process of sliding the pizza or bread off the peel and onto the stone you overshoot the stone. Plus, if you have used this method, you know what the smell of burned cormeal is like...not very appealing.

Other times, you don't put enough cornmeal on the peel, or a little sauce or oil unbeknownced to you gets onto the peel, and the pizza or bread stick to the peel causing a real mess...and a very free-form end product.

Flour is not a good alterative because if you use enough to try and keep the dough from sticking to the pizza peel, now you have more flour in your dough than the recipe calls for...not a good thing!

Gary had the same experiences, so being a woodworking craftsman and an inventor, he began testing out ways to make the process of getting his pizzas and breads from the kitchen counter, onto the peel, and into the oven without missing a beat.

He received a patent for the product in 2000 and the rest, as they say, is history. The makers of King Arthur Flour were so impressed they offered it in their Baker's Catalog back in 2003.

I have to tell you, if you want a foolproof way to get your pizzas and breads onto your pizza stone in your Big Green Egg, you've got to get this pizza peel.

AT LAST! A solution for your hard-to-move dough creations."
The Baker's Catalogue

“But if you're willing to spend an extra $15, we recommend the Super Peel, which is simply a regular wooden peel outfitted with a pastry cloth that's threaded through the board like a conveyor belt. When well floured, the cloth proved to be essentially nonstick. It practically guarantees a perfectly round pizza and has a gentle touch with bread loaves."
Cooks Illustrated Magazine

“I think your Super Peel is a neat gadget. I used it to transfer free-form sourdough loaves to a 500 degree pizza stone and ended up with the best free-form loaves I have ever produced. An amazing oven spring! For someone who, at times, has a tendency to be all thumbs the performance was flawless.”
Dr. Ed Wood - Author of “Classic Sourdoughs”

Once you try it, you'll wonder how you ever did without one.

I use it for pizzas, bread and my bagels. Everything stays in the shape I formed it in which is not easy using either a regular peel or the back of a cookie sheet.

The peel board details:

  • Solid hardwood
  • 14" x 24", ~1/2" thick
  • Handle edges are contoured for comfortable grip
  • Very low angle tip, making it easy to slide under thin dough
  • Working surface covered by cloth is 14" x 14"
  • Finish: super slick food-grade sealer for easy sliding of heavy loads and for simple cleanup

Fabric Belt:

  • Medium weight poly/cotton blend
  • Reversible
  • Easy to attach and remove for laundering
  • Machine washable and can be ironed


  • 90-day warrenty if not completely satisfied (less $10 S&H for each peel).
  • One year warrenty against manufacturing defects.

I've made arragements with Gary to enable you to order your peel and have it delivered to your door. If you have friends or family who bake, get one for them too...they'll love you for it!

Order Your Incredible Super Peel Today!

 Only $47* including shipping and handling


 Incredible Peel Guarantee

* Pricing is higher for oders delivered outside of U.S. Please contact us at letting us know the shipping address  and we will give you a price quote. 


Incredible Super Peel

Perfect Pizzas Every Time


Incredible Super Peel

Incredible Super Peel

Incredible Super Peel

Solid Hardwood Peel


Use Peel for Lattus Dough 

Great for Lattuce Crust


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